4 Physical Education Tips to get your Students Motivated

It feels like a lot of hard work to convince pre-teen students to participate in physical education lessons. In the era of Internet and video gaming, getting young kids to run, jump, do pushups or play sport in general can be a challenge. Sometimes not even trophies get them active. Here are 4 tips to integrate into your PE planning schedule that motivate even the laziest of students.

4. Build on your Students’ Interests

Know your students before you even make a PE schedule. Learn their interests and dislikes. Take a quick survey asking the learners what their favorite day in life was. Be particular about their hobbies and interests in physical activities. Take these surveys regularly until you can clearly make a PE program that suits the needs of every student.

3. Let your activities lead to success

Don’t make the mistake of introducing too difficult tasks in your PE classes. Asking students to participate in activities where a majority loses is a sure way to make them hate your lessons. Focus on their likes and introduce activities they can enjoy. Make the activities challenging, but only challenging enough to make winning feel precious.

2. Level the Playing Field

Make it your goal to teach students the rules and basic skills of an activity before asking them to participate. This will invoke their interests and make them eager to interact with you and other students. Including this process in your PE planning program will help you become a better PE teacher in the long run.

Integrate Self-directing into your activities

Self-directed students are more active in PE activities than those constantly being guided. Allow students to set their goals and work toward achieving them. Ask them how many pushups they can achieve in a specific time frame and work toward that. Once they achieve their personal goals, guide them to achieve higher goals.